The Wonder of Hair

Its Secrets Revealed

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We are bombarded with media images of people wearing fabulous hair day in day out.Did you know that your hair is linked to history, sexuality, psychology, sociology, economy, identity, class and status and did you know that it is a dead cell and yet can survive thousands of years even after it has been cut off.? This book will open your eyes to what hair is and it will help you to work with your hair to your advantage.

  • Does that make you feel insecure about your hair?
  • Are you losing it without realising it but you could hold on to it?
  • How much do you know about your own hair and of those around you?
  • Do you feel that your hair type is more challenging than that of others, or do you wish you did not have the type of hair you have?

The Chapters in the Book

The 10 topics inside this book which will help you understand your hair and fall in love with it.

The Evolution of Hair

This chapter has biblical explanations of the science behind the hair, the sociology and psychology of hair. 

The Anatomy of Hair and It's Resilience

What is hair? The 3 major types of hair, it's cross section,natural colours and the natural growth cycle. 

Mixed Texture

What is mixed texture? The challenges faced in everyday life with it, the care needed when choosing products.

The Important Function of Hair

The real story behind the hair. It's impact on economy, forensics,identity and branding status. All explained here. 

Political Stance and Prejuidice

The hair slavery, the red and ginger and the political stances.All revealed in this chapter. 

The Other Side in Greener

Your anticipation vs realistic, visual aids, artificial colours and what influences the hair. There is a solution here. 

The Hair we Normally Dont Talk About

The body and facial hair and how female body and hormones affect the natural development of the hair. 

Hair Loss

What is hair loss? The factors which effects it - hormones, scalp disorders, menopause. How it impacts our self esteem. 

How to Care for Your Hair

The Afro and mixed hair, the usage of chemicals on Afro hair. The Caucasian, Asian and mixed. Which diet to use? 

Hair Styling and Products

The trend setters and current styles. How to choose products, tools and equipment, hair extensions and wigs.





Introducing the Author

Rosemary Mlambo
Academy Director
Award Winning Author of the book – The Wonder of Hair

At Bella Hair Academy we want to prepare you to become the best hair dresser. We know what challenges you will face in this new journey ahead and we will hand hold you all the way. Our friendly staff will listen to your concerns and answer all the questions you have so that you are fully mastered the art.


 Dr. Azuka Ayorinde



Rosemary wrote this book so that we can unravel the wonder of how such a minute part of ourselves can tell others so much about us. The book is loaded with information which I have never been aware of and yet I touch and feel my hair so many times in a day.

Kim Heath, (The Principal) of TVHS Academy.

Kim A former Head of Hairdressing at Canterbury College and a hairdresser for 36 years


This book opens up a whole debate on how people view hair, and the assumptions we make each time we look at other people’s hair. Even though Rosemary raises controversial issues, the book remains an easy read. This book is brilliant for everyone, including those in the hair industry. I recommend it.

Emilia O’Callaghan

Goldman Sachs European Fund Services Investment Management Division


Rosemary raises many issues which made me realise that hair is not just hair but truly it is a wonder because it binds all humans together. She reveals a brilliant picture of what hair is and made a good case for hair.

Dr Mel Don

(Oncologist in UK)


This book is an eye-opener; Rosemary puts together an intriguing picture of hair that is thought-provoking. The book is good for anyone with or without hair, is inclusive and opens up a debate on who we really are as human beings through the evolution of hair.

This my Guarantee!!!

Get the hair you want with this book
I can guarantee you that once you finish reading the first few chapters of the book you will throw away most of the products you are currently using. You will also start to feel the beauty of your hair once you start taking action.

If you do not feel that your hair has tremendously improved then I will give you your money back.